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Speaker, Life Coach, Former Model

Empowering women and teen girls to live a life of confidence, contribution, hope and purpose

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Welcome, I'm Bess!

As the first curvy fit model I know what it’s like to not fit in, and feel disqualified, but I also know the joy of what it’s like to find success being uniquely You! I want this for you too! You don’t have to people please more, have more, earn more, hustle more, or be a different size for you and your story to matter. You already do and are already enough!

Being a former Ford model with nearly twenty years’ experience, I am proud of reshaping the fashion industry as the human mannequin, fashion consultant, and voice of the hourglass consumer for the first ever “Curvy” lines for dozens of global well-known brands beginning with Gap and Banana Republic in 2004. My role gave me a unique lens into how self-esteem, body image, media and labels affect women of all ages. I’ve seen firsthand the deceptive allure and damage caused from the false narratives perpetuated by media and the fashion and beauty industries. Toxic cultural and media messages, along with curated filtered highlight reels, leave most feeling inadequate. There is a hidden motive of trying to make us not feel enough which is to get us to buy whatever they are selling.

It is crucial that we combat this confidence epidemic and the lie that you need to prove your worth, earn the approval of others, and “fit in”. My mission is to help women and teen girls see their value and live seen, known & loved as their unique selves. I am passionate about using my voice, story and coaching to help women live a life of confidence, contribution, hope and purpose.

The world needs you – You were wonderfully made and created with purpose. You were never meant to simply fit in; we need you to shine bright and be uniquely You!

I can’t wait to connect and hear your story!


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What Others Are Saying

"I'm always looking for speakers who can speak life and encouragement over the women at Hearts Together. Bess did that and more! She was a dream to work with. She is extremely relatable and brings a lot of experience and passion into her talks. I found myself on the edge of my seat as I listened to her story. She had a beautiful way of being truly authentic and also getting others to think about their story and their own experiences. We left the evening felling seen and encouraged. I highly recommend her as a speaker. She is a gift!"
Rainer Lowman
Founder, Hearts Together
"Bess is a pleasure to work with and is extremely well-respected in this industry. Her experience in fashion and entertainment along with her knowledge of fit is invaluable to us and her clients. I am proud not only to represent her, but to see her use her success and experience as a platform to positively impact others. I would be confident recommending her to anyone looking to better themselves in life. She is truly an inspiration. I wish her much success and offer my full support."
Latoya Scott- Brown
Ford Models, Director of Fit, Showroom and Runway Division
“I am grateful to have Bess in my life. It was through working with her that I truly saw what I needed from someone else (love relationship). I stopped putting another person’s needs in front of what I wanted for my own life. Bess is truly an inspiring and wonderful person to be around and an amazing coach. She helped me tremendously and for that I am forever thankful!”
Gap, Women’s Designer
“Before I worked with Bess I felt like I was always running around, and working, but somehow never really getting anywhere. I had no time to work on myself and as a performer was feeling unfulfilled with my career of low-paying acting jobs, and a variety of side gigs that were taking up all my time, energy, and passion. Within the first month of working with Bess as my coach, I felt focused, accomplished, and efficient with my time. Working with her helped me identify what was holding me back, what I did not want in my life, and the changes that needed to be made. I no longer feel like I am running around in circles and know how to stay focused on my true objectives. I am now more financially and artistically fulfilled in my life and career. While working with her I booked my very first official off-Broadway show, 4 additional shows, several TV commercials, and discovered the love and fulfillment travel brings me. Bess helped me re-identify with what I really want for my life, how I was negatively spending my energy and time, and how my decisions weren’t leaving room for what I came to this city to accomplish. I recommend Bess to anyone looking to achieve more in their lives. She will lead you to your goals and get you where you have always wanted to be but lacked the focus, drive, confidence, or sheer know-how to achieve. She is a powerhouse of encouragement and motivation, someone that will truly hold you accountable and push you to be everything you have ever wanted to be. Hiring Bess is the best gift you can give yourself, for your life, relationships, and your career.”
Actor and Singer
“I highly recommend Bess as a life coach and think that working with her is an invaluable investment. I gained immediate insight and direction for both my personal life and career that I was able to put into action right away. I found working with Bess to be not only a pleasure but something I looked forward to each week.”
Financial Services Lawyer, writer/analyst/researcher at ESPN
“You can read all the books in the world but there is nothing like having a real person in your corner. You will not find someone more interested in you and your career than Bess. With her care and clarity, Bess helped me to organize my wide range of interests and talents into a clear, manageable, and exciting game plan for attaining my deepest desires and goals. Because of her, I have realized a move across country; now living and thriving as an Actor/Singer/Producer in Los Angeles; happier than ever and regularly realizing what were once only dreams.”
C. N.
"Bess emceed our spring fundraiser, and her story of foster care and adoption was just what we needed to bring a personal touch to our event. She is passionate about using her story to positively inspire and impact others. Bess also served on our board and helped with development and community engagement in our early years of forming the nonprofit. I have known Bess for years and no matter the setting large group, or small or one on one Bess listens intently and offers a warm caring approach."
Sandy Ivey
Board Chair, Tennessee Alliance for Kids
“I’ve worked with coaches that operate by the numbers and have a formulaic approach towards success. I find the principles of success very sound and useful, but as an artist, the approach to its application makes all the difference. Bess not only has all the tangible knowledge of book and form but she embodies the intangibles that make her the coach for me! She is the best listener I’ve ever encountered. She has keen eyes and ears foreseeing and clearly hearing the visions, dreams, and plans of her clients and the wisdom to guide people towards their goals with simple, actionable, steps.”
Entertainment Entrepreneur
"Life changing experience! Working with Bess has been an absolute game changer for me in my personal and business life. Bess's insightful guidance and compassionate approach have helped me navigate through challenges with clarity and confidence. Her personalized coaching sessions are tailored for individual needs, making every interaction meaningful and impactful. Bess's expertise and genuine commitment to her client's shine through in every session, creating a supportive environment where growth is inevitable. I can't recommend coaching with Bess highly enough for anyone seeking positive transformation in their personal and professional lives!"
Realtor, Compass RE
“I feel quite lucky to have the experience of working with Bess as a life coach. I have known her professionally for over 5 years as our fit model at Converse. As a coach, she is extremely insightful and has a holistic approach to the goals you want to achieve. She truly creates a partnership between herself and her client, and asks the right questions to help push you forward. Bess is a truly inspirational person, with the talent and the desire to help people. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Elizabeth Pugel
Converse, Senior Designer
"I can't thank Bess enough for her invaluable guidance and support. With her coaching, I've gained clarity on my goals, developed effective strategies, and overcome numerous challenges along the way. Her personalized approach and unwavering encouragement have truly transformed my business journey. I highly recommend Bess and her services to anyone seeking to elevate their entrepreneurial endeavors."
realtor, Compass RE
"Bess served on our Gifted Hands Board of Directors for five years in the capacity of secretary as well as the special events chair. As a Life Coach, she has the ability to help others see through the negatives in their lives and use their own experiences to create new realities for themselves. She volunteered her time and coaching services weekly at a shelter filled with homeless, abused, abandoned, and addicted women and their children. She encouraged these women and helped them develop newfound confidence and direction for their lives. She demonstrated her ability to bestow unconditional love to these women and children that they so desperately needed. She is an empathetic listener, an encourager, and a motivator, and held these women accountable to the goals they set for themselves. Bess uses her life experiences and coaching to positively impact a sector of society that is often forgotten. I cannot imagine Gifted Hands without Bess’ influence and input. She has much to offer anyone who is fortunate to work with her.”
Dustee Hullinger
Founder and CEO, Gifted Hands of New York City
“Bess is “the original” curvy fit model. She has years of knowledge about how a garment should fit, how to fix it, and make it perfect. Not only is Bess a great fit model, but she’s a great role model as well! The work she does as a life coach is truly inspiring.”
Angela Duen
Gap, Director of Design
“Bess led a weekly coaching program that proved to be a forum in which the residents could express themselves openly and hash out current issues as they went through a difficult transition in their lives. The residents responded positively to Bess and anticipated her visits. Bess’s personality makes her approachable, but it is her ability to set boundaries and hold women accountable that makes her such a successful life coach.”
Family Coordinator @Clinton Family Inn, a NYC shelter for homeless women and minors
“Bess was the original 1st Curvy fit model for Gap for 10 years. We have worked together in developing GAP’s 1969 line as well as partnered with one another for a variety of presentations and international business trips. Bess is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her communication skills, both written and verbal are excellent. She has a tremendous amount of energy, compassion, and business savvy that are sure to make her a success at anything she embarks on.”
Marianne McDonald
GAP, Design Director Women’s Denim
“Bess has contributed invaluable self and professional knowledge to our product fit. Her curvy body type represents the average American woman and our retail success has proven to be on trend. Bess communicates in an intelligent vernacular and brings a clear fit representation to our meetings. Bess is a pleasure to work with”
Nanette Martin
Converse One Star, Director of Technical Design
“Bess was selected as the 1st curvy fit model for Banana Republic. She is a professional model, providing excellent feedback with strong technical knowledge. With the help and input from Bess, the Curvy business proved to be a success. I strongly recommend Bess as a Curvy fit model.”
Marlene Lee
Banana Republic, Sgr. Mgr. Technical Design at Banana Republic
“Bess was a terrific asset to us as we developed our first ever “curvy” pant fit at Liz Claiborne. She has a wonderful body shape and is very knowledgeable about fitting pants for the curvy woman. She was professional and reliable throughout the entire process.”
Hayes Pettigrew
Liz Claiborne, Designer

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