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As a certified Life Coach, Bess believes that intentional living begins with life revisions of practicing into and out of habits while being mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She calls it Project Inside Out – a philosophy that champions the profound belief that a purposeful life is crafted from within.

The thoughts we consciously and unconsciously entertain, the habits we form, and the influences we allow into our lives have a profound impact on our daily routines, wellbeing, and the imprint we leave on the world. Without intention, its all too easy to default to the normalized, yet unhealthy cultural patterns where screen time dominates attention, consumerism breeds insatiable desires, and societal norms foster distraction, anxiety, and loneliness.

Life Revision Coaching is designed to help you become the best version of yourself, one intentional step at a time. Now! is the best time to shed limiting beliefs and false labels, to silence the whispers of self-doubt, the endless comparisons, shadows of fear, and echoes of imposter syndrome. Your worth it and your future self will thank you!

 Bess requires a discovery call for new clients, which she offers complimentary to make sure she is the right fit to support you in your current season and answer any questions you may have. Contact to schedule your free 20 minute call today

Coaching for Women & Teen Girls

As a coach, Bess empathizes with the challenges women today face, understanding the overwhelming messages from media that often perpetuate feelings of inadequacy and not being enough.  

Are you grappling with self-doubt, a constant need for external validation, to people please, or the pursuit of “perfection”? 

Bess offers 1:1 coaching for support and guidance in boosting self-awareness, self-esteem and in making life revisions for an authentic life of purpose and intention, channeling your God-given gifts and strengths into meaningful pursuits. 

Bess’s coaching sparks proactive change, guiding you to manage self talk, recognize your true value, and shift focus from seeking approval. At the heart of her mission is a commitment and a passion for helping young women and teens improve self esteem and confidence from the inside out while building life skills on their journey towards becoming their best self. Your value isn’t tied to external factors; it is not based on what you do, what you have, what you look like, or who or how many people “like or follow” you.  Bess will guide you to a confidence and sense of purpose rooted in your unique strengths, and God given gifts and identity.  

Bess will help you set goals and assist you in shaping habits and routines that align with your values and aspirations. Her coaching fosters personal development, enhancing skills in self awareness, emotional intelligence, communication, resilience, and intentional living.

Imagine having a dedicated ally who cheers you on, holds you accountable, actively listens, and guides you in making decisions aligned with your values.  The value of having a coach, as a third-party ally distinct from family, friends or work connections lies in the freedom to openly share unfiltered thoughts, providing a safe space for self discovery, and empowered decision-making. 

Bess offers a powerful combination of accountability and encouragement that not only propels you toward your goals but also cultivates a profound boost in confidence and self esteem setting the stage for transformative growth.  

Coaching for Moms

Bess empathizes with the complex impact of motherhood on identity and is dedicated to supporting mothers on this transformative journey. As a mom of two, Bess knows the dance of balancing family and personal aspirations. Motherhood is undeniably her greatest joy, yet it has entailed numerous profound transitions. This includes departing from a successful career, parting ways with dear friends in her move from NYC and embarking on a fresh start in a city she hadn’t called home in 15 years. These changes and transitions caused a significant shift in identity which led to a personal and spiritual journey of reconnecting to her God given gifts and identity beyond motherhood.  

Bess encourages moms to embrace the refining process that parenting offers, where the focus shifts from self as it brings forth several benefits in the journey of becoming your best self.  Navigating the ups and downs of parenting cultivates the ability to adapt to challenges, cultivating resilience, self-reflection, personal growth, and enhanced empathy. 

Mothers often prioritize the needs, aspirations, and well-being of their families, at the expense of their own. This beautiful and selfless dedication can also have profound effects on their sense of self and identity. Neglecting personal needs and self-care can take an emotional toll causing stress and exhaustion.  It is imperative for moms to find a balance that maintains a sense of self while loving their families well.  Moms are not only the caretakers they are also the mirrors and role models their children are watching the closest. 

Bess recognizes the unique opportunity and responsibility parents have in shaping their children’s futures. Emphasizing the need for intention, planning, and faith, she provides a safe space for mothers to process their experiences and emotions while receiving encouragement and accountability to create and implement a thoughtful plan for positively influencing children’s lives. 

Bess is dedicated to helping mothers connect with their authentic selves, find balance, rediscover their strengths, and embrace their God-given gifts, all while overcoming feelings of mom guilt and self-doubt.  She is a motivating and empathetic resource for women seeking support in their own motherhood journey and loves helping moms model for their children how to be confident and healthy emotionally, spiritually, and physically.